Guest/Visitor Policy

Guests and visitors intent on training their dogs in all three phases of Schutzhund/IPO are welcome to attend. Training days and schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions, scheduled events, and helper availability. Please inquire about attending training before visiting. Contact Club President Carissa Kuehn to inquire about available guest spots for training. 

Club Training Policies are listed below. All guests and club members are expected to abide by these policies.


PCSC Training Policies

  1. Member dogs will be worked first, followed by guests. The final working order may be modified by the Training Director as needed.
  2. Second dogs will be worked after the first round is complete. 
  3. Anyone arriving after protection begins will be added to the bottom of the working order.
  4. All dogs must be crated when not being worked, and leashed when out on the club premises.
  5. Dogs must be kept under the handler's direct control at all times.
  6. Once protection begins, obedience training ends, but may resume upon conclusion of ALL protection work.
  7. Females in heat will be worked last.
  8. Do not let your dog urinate or defecate on the training field--use designated potty areas!
  9. No photos or videos may be taken by guests without the express permission of the handler and the training director.


PCSC Membership is currently closed, but guests interested in membership are welcome to attend training. All prospective members are required to attend at least 10 training sessions as guests before membership may be offered by the club.