Welcome to the Placer County Schutzhund Club website!

We are a group of individuals dedicated to training and trialing our dogs in the three-phase sport known as IPO, or Working Dog Tests (formerly known as "Schutzhund"). Our club is devoted to the preservation of working dogs through the sport of IPO/Schutzhund.


Schutzhund, or IPO, is a rigorous sport containing three equally-weighted phases of tracking, obedience, and protection. IPO measures the dog's mental stability, temperament, endurance, structural efficiency, natural scenting ability, courage, and desire to work with man. 

Placer County Schutzhund Club is a small training club in Lincoln, CA. We are a full member club of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, and are part of the Northwestern Region of USCA.

PCSC usually hosts one IPO trial per year, plus our annual Dogstock Training Seminar event. PCSC will be hosting the following events: